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Producer. Writer. Musician.

The Story

For over 20 years Aaron Lindsey has been professionally involved in the music business. He is one of the

most recognizable names in professional music production, songwriting and education. 

His drive has always been to foster and enhance excellence in the studio, live concert and business environments.

As a 6 time Grammy Winning Producer and Songwriter, his accomplishments have been acknowledged and respected among his peers and avid music lovers internationally.  Aaron’s vision has expanded to include Ardent Media, Whatbox Global Media, and Aaron Lindsey Publishing. which are the vehicles for his production, songwriting and educational pursuits.  He believes that “strength is for service, not for status. 

The Cause

Aaron is committed to fulfilling his purpose in life.  Purpose is rooted in the "why". Why am I supposed to do what I feel passionate about? If you can't answer the "why", you won't be free to pursue your purpose.  Each of us has a divinely deposited "why" that has to be understood, confirmed and pursued.

Workshops and Keynotes

As an award-winning producer, motivational speaker and innovator, I will bring new perspectives and potential to your next event. Contact us, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have for your team.

Course Offerings

Core Values of a Power Player

In the creative business there are people who do very well in their area of focus and we in the business respectfully call them “players”. I have created the term Power Player to separate the players from those who rise heads and shoulders above the rest. Power Players are always involved, always relevant and never seem to run out of ways to reinvent themselves. I will help you and your team understand their true power so they can maintain relevance for multiple seasons of their career. 

The Enemy of Greatness

In 2006 I was inspired to create a program to help creatives and leaders pursue greatness in their field.  Most of us live in "good" and because we can earn a living being "good", we get complacent.  I will help open your mind to see the potential greatness inside of you.

Refine. Retool. Release.

A bad song with good production is still a bad song.  A good song with bad production is still a good song.  I will help you learn how to push your production and writing from good to great. 

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